These are just some fun things I have put together over the years:

  • Making Breb (Dec 2022)

    Playing around. Made an AMSR-type of video about how to make bread.

  • Otter Harmonica (Feb 2020)

    A meme was going around with Careless Whisper poorly synced to this video of an otter. It looked more like the otter was playing a harmonic to me. So I found some audio that synced well: Max Geldray performing on the Goon Show.

  • A slice of Wilhelmslydale (Jul 2019)

    Video of the fabled "screaming cheese."

  • Wooster, Ohio to San Jose, California in 4 minutes. (May 2018)

    2600 miles in 36 hours straight! (2 drivers) And taking a picture every 30 seconds. A reprise of the 2006 video.

  • Conbadge Drinking Game (Feb 2011)

    A meme generator based on the furry conbadge drinking game. Enter your badge name and it tells you how many drinks you score.

  • Cross Country in 3 mins (Feb 2010)

    A 2,850 mile drive time-lapsed in 3 minutes. Approximate visual speed of 57,000 MPH. Boiling Springs Lake, NC to San Jose, CA. See if you can spot the USS North Carolina or Donner Pass. From my drive cross country in 2006.

  • The Move (Feb 2010)

    Time lapsed video of the machine room move I helped with for HMS back on 2003. The entire company's office and machine room was moved in a long weekend. I set up the camera to capture the action in the new machine room. The giant plush Tux was mine as well. He accidentally became the star of the video: Without any planning or coordination, we all ended up moving and posing tux for the camera. It is also available in the older AVI and Real formats.

  • The Vinci Doll (Apr 2006)

    The surprise "talking Vinci doll" that we put together for Candy DeWalt, creator of Vinci & Arty. It features a character from the strip saying a few interesting bits.

  • Forgot Milk? (May 2005)

    So I had an odd impulse to make a quick parody ad when I found one of these. Whee.

  • The Basement Tour (Aug 2004)

    Triggur's tour was just too awesome. I had to have my own competeing one. Tongue-firmly-in-cheek, of course.

  • Serious Fanboy Fitness (Jul 2003)

    A quick chuckle and gift for a friend who makes the Serious Fitness T-shirts.

  • Triggur Bingo (Mar 2003)

    Hang around Trig? Feel free to print one out and play along.

  • A pile of JAPHs (Jun - Dec 2002)

    Some friends and I were tossing JAPHs back and forth to each other. Here are some highlights.

  • Hunter's "Think Different" Ad (Aug 2002)

    Hunter didn't let a small car wreck stop him. This is from the morning after, reclaiming his wallet from the console. It made a nice ad parody.