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Crescendo Communications
A little more sound with every beat.

Crescendo communications is a small technological services company located in northern California. We offer a wide variety of ... why are you still reading this paragraph?

No really? Why are you reading this? For heaven's sake, I used the term "we" in some sort of pretentious way to pretend that this page is anything more than a personal company reflecting my hopes and dreams that I've nursed and grown since college.

There used to be a bunch of froo-froo business text here talking about all the services I offer as a consultant. I laid it on heavy here at one point so I could obtain a merchant services account. For years, I left it up here and would tweak it when I wanted to update my resume for a different day job.

So what happened? I gave up on caring about a pretentious tone of voice on this page. As a technologist, where so many questions are trusted to so few, I've steadily grown stronger in my opinion that honesty in speech is a facet of the integrity that I admire in people and aspire to have.

That and I realized the text on this page was worthless when I found a rather glaring typo that had been here for about 5 years. I hadn't even bothered to read this page enough to spot it.

So this place is me. If you're interested in me or what I do, check out the links on the right. (On the right? Yeah. At one point I tried to see if I could make a right-biased design. It kinda works, but not really. I'll probably slap it back over to a standard left-biased design one of these days.)

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