The Furry ConBadge Drinking Game

I'm a heavy drinker

The "Rules"

Certain overused or fruity name components are declared as drinkable. Much like there are 5 fingers on a sober person’s hand, there are 5 categories of fruity name components:

  • Animals
  • Colors
  • Elements
  • Seasons
  • Celestials

Animals: These are your normal animal names. (IE: fox, dog, tiger, wolf.) This includes cutsey variants (poni, wuffie, etc), mythical animals (unicorn, dragon), and latin variants (canis, vupline)

Colors: What it says: red, green, blue, grey, etc.

Elements: These include classical elements (water,wind,fire,earth), metals (bronze,gold,silver) and jewels (emerald,ruby,etc.)

Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring.

Celestials: Things that fall in sort of a hippy-dippy view of the world. Astronomy (sun, moon, star), Weather (storm, thunder, snow, sky, shadow), and various god variants (angel, demon, god, goddess, anubis, etc)

For the heavy drinkers in the crowd, there are bonus drinks and half drinks:

Cutesy: Odd spellings like "wyld" and items like "fluffy" and "sparkle."

Titles: Sir, Baron, Princess, etc

Pedantic: Having the word "the" in your name.

Let me know if you think there should be updates!